Pros and Cons of Coil Binding

Binding a book or an album is one of the safest ways to secure your important papers and protect the book itself. If you are looking to bind your favorite album, any type of music notes or even a personal photo album, coil binding is the format that you need to consider.

Coil binding is also known as spiral binding as well and it is one of the most common used binding formats in the industry today. This guide will help cover all pros and cons of using coil binding supply to protect your documents .

A brief overview

All coil bindings are made from PVC plastic and they resemble to tiny springs. They almost resemble to spirals that are used in traditional spiral books. The PVC coils are easily available in different sizes and diameters based on the size and thickness of the book and also have many color options to suit your book. Many professionals tend to use the coil binding as their preferred binding format because of its professional look. It also keeps all the papers intact hence increasing the durability. A coil binding machine can also be used at homes as it comes at cheap price compared to other machines.

Pros of coil binding

Durability – PVC plastic has extreme durability features that can hold all your documents and booklet intact. If you drop a book or even step on it by accident, the book won’t suffer any Damage. This is one of the biggest reasons to use coil bindings for your office purposes.

Color – as mentioned earlier, coil binding can come in many colors. This helps to match the book pattern your choice. Many popular colors such as red nd black or blue are used but you can also get custom colors made.

Page Turns – one of the key things for any binding work that is done is that pages need to be turn fully. Coil bindings allow you to fully do that and also help in turning your page to a full 360 degrees fully lying flat.

Speed- coil binding can be easily done if you have a machine. Hence it reduces the time and effort required.

coil binding

Cons of coil Binding

Modifications – once the coil binding is added to your book or documents, you cannot add it or remove any pages. Hence once the documents are binding, modification is not possible unless you rip off a certain paper.

Stability – because coil binding are made from PVC plastics, hence they are not stable enough like comb binding or velobind. The flappy nature increase the instability of the paper aswell.

In conclusion, coil binding is one of the preferred formats used by many professionals around the world. It looks good and can be used for binding books as simple as music notes or as professional business proposals.